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Car Hire

Airport Transfer

Taxies are usually around 80 euros each way and are waiting outside Malaga airport. However, should you want to pre book an airport transfer straight to your accommodation to save time and hassle see rates below work out to 25 euros p/p each way.

Up to 4 people 100 euros each way
Up to 6 people 150 euros each way
Up to 10 people 250 euros each way
Up to 12 people 300 euros each way
Up to 16 people 400 euros each way


Without at doubt, climate was the primary reason why the Costa del Sol began and then consolidated itself as a top international touristic destination. It boasts of 300 days a year of sun and even those days that are not sunny are very pleasant. Additionally, the good temperatures and the mild climate around Malaga´s coasts - protected from the cold Castilian winds by a mountainous chain - offers mild Winters, pleasant Springs and Falls, and most Summers are cool because of the continual ocean breeze. The ocean water temperatures are also very pleasant with average temperatures between 15 to16 degrees centigrade in the Winter months and around 20 degrees in the Summer. The Costa del Sol offers the best climate within Europe with the added benefit that in the Winter months, a visitor can be tanning under the sun and within just two hours can be skiing in Sierra Nevada ( Granada ), the southernmost ski resort in the European continent.

Working from Spain

It's no secret that the growing numbers of UK and Northern European employees are choosing to spend warm winters in southern Spain.

With daily flights from Spain to many UK and European airports, you can commute in just two hours and get down to the grindstone for part of the week and spend the long weekend at home in Spain. With UK traffic being what it is, some workers spend this amount of time on the road commuting between towns and cities every day. In fact, it is probably quicker and often cheaper, if booked in advance, to travel from Malaga to London than from London to Manchester.

Some are going so far as to forsake the UK office entirely, perhaps only “turning up” to work for one week out of the month. According to the Future Forum report carried out by Thompson by 2016 there will be as many as 1.5 million expat commuters into the UK. The internet, low cost phone calls and emails are encouraging companies to rethink the conventional everything under one roof office practice and allow their staff greater flexibility. With a laptop, a mobile and an internet connection, a virtual office can be created wherever you are located. The mentality behind this is that staff with a better quality lifestyle at home will be more productive and happier in their work. In addition, the influence of living in a different country, language and lifestyle gives employees new skills and a fresh perspective to contribute.

Living in Spain is sometimes described as the difference between having a black and white TV and a full colour TV and the winters are probably better than a UK summer!

Our spectacular fully furnished and equipped townhouse villas at Montevideo hills are now available to book for up to 6 months from September to March.

From only £1350 per month which includes Wi-Fi, UK satellite TV and all utility bills, all you will need to bring is a suitcase!

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